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Find the right system for your water

Get a Kinetico Filter from our store, or have one mailed or replaced upon request. Avoid cloudy water, rust, blue-green staining, and rotten egg smells. Our filters are designed with these common problems in mind, all at an affordable price.


If your water faces several challenges, you may need multiple filters. A Kinetico water professional can give you a FREE analysis to determine the answers best fit for your water.

Install an exclusive Kinetico system

Restore your water to its purest possible state with a Macrolite filter. Our carbon filter twin tanks use an exclusive ceramic media developed in conjunction with 3M. Eliminate iron, sediment, particulate matter, and turbidity.

Filter out whatever's tainting your water

Remove chlorine and foul tastes with our carbon filters and twin tanks. Get a calcite system to deal with acidic water which causes blue-green stains. Use a sulfur guard to get rid of foul smells once and for all.

Get an aeration system for easy removal of certain metals or a neutralization system to deal with acid. We have a solution to virtually every water problem.

Reduce harmful chemicals with minimal maintenance.


Remove poisons from your water

If there's arsenic in your water, you need our arsenic guard right away. Protect your body and faucet from the harsh effects of chlorine as well with a chlorine removal filter. We also provide a system for removing chloramine, which is a popular replacement for chlorine.

Ask your local water treatment plant whether they use Chloramine in your water.

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