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Fit your water to the needs of your home

Get optimum efficiency from your water softener with our patent-pending AccuDial feature. You can expect generous flow rates with all of the highest quality of softness. Our softeners are designed with modern large plumbing in mind.


With multiple tanks, you can expect soft water 24/7, even during the cleaning process. Single tank systems can't provide this.

Remove unwanted particles

No matter where your water comes from, our Premier Series water softeners can take on the toughest challenges. You can also get models that remove iron, chlorine, or particulate matter as they soften.

Get a Kinetico in your house today

With an efficient design that uses water flow instead of electricity, our Kinetico Signature Series will give you perfect water softness all the time. They only run when they're needed, so you will actually save money in the long run.

Get the most efficient system on the market. We offer several configurations, including cabinet versions. You can expect perfect soft water 24/7.

Install a rapidly regenerating, multi-tank system for your home today.


Invest in a water softener that lasts

You can expect our water softeners to stand up to wear and tear for years to come. We back that with a warranty. You won't have to worry about repairs.

Get a comprehensive, flexible warranty for a water softener you can trust.

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